Peace is a topic still difficult to understand, and violence is still widespread, which we hear and see every single day in the news. These occurrences are overly excessive, in whatever place in whatever corner of the world they take place; hold-ups, kidnapping, massacres, murder, and wars. When we witness these events we normally ask ourselves ‘What is happening?’ Our question both begins and ends here. We often forget to ask the important and sobering question ‘Bakit ito nangyari?’ I believe in the existence of a much more profound reason. We simply do not look at our surroundings, though our minds are capable of seeing a much deeper answer, and when we discover the root of this problem, we force ourselves to find answer in the depths of that that which we have almost forgotten. This is an important aspect of our lives, not only to our wisdom-filled elders but especially to the youth, and to the generation that will remain if indeed peace reigns supreme over violence. This is not the solution, but instead adds to this severe problem of our world. Hunger can be found even in heaven itself, and it is this problem that we should all fight against, to fill the pain and emptiness of the stomachs of the people. The endeavors of many will be necessary in order to fulfill the wish of the youth. Many lives are lost, so we can see for our own selves and accept that there is a wrongness in each of us. We must rid ourselves of our pride and force to the front our humility. Additionally, we are to find solutions in a peaceful and kind way. To rid one of five problems will bring about ten problems, and twenty, and forty, and two thousand, and five thousand, and one hundred thousand, and two hundred thousand lives. The sacrifice of several million people are needed still for peace, millions of mothers and fathers cry, many millions of children lack parents. Our world is tired of this violence, and we need true peace.

Kamalayang Kalayaan


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