Mending Niccolo’s Little Heart

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We are writing to appeal to your kind hearts to help our son with congenital heart disease.

Niccolo Gabriel was born prematurely at 7.5 months last 10 October 2012, a month after her mother underwent an operation to remove her right ovary. When Niccolo was 3 weeks old, he was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a complex congenital heart disease which involves four abnormalities in the heart. His pediatric cardiologist said that Nicco will need to undergo two surgeries – first, a shunt operation and second, an open heart surgery. The first surgery needs to be done as soon as possible in order to improve his oxygenation, while the second surgery will take place a year after the first. Operations like these are common in the United States and, in fact, most went successful.

As much as we want our son to immediately undergo the necessary surgeries, we are limited by our financial capabilities. Both of us are working students, but even with our combined salaries, we cannot pay for our baby’s medical needs. Half a million pesos for the first surgery alone is such a big amount, and Nicco’s stay at the hospital has already drained our savings.

Our immediate concern is for our baby to have the first surgery, which will be done either at the Philippine Heart Center (approximate costs = PhP 500K) or at the PGH (approximate costs = P400K).

It is easy to feel hopeless and desperate at this time but what keeps us going is the fact that Nicco, little that he is, is brave in fighting his own battle to survive. Who are we to lose hope? We are also inspired by the people who are always willing to extend their help and support.

Assistance in any form, especially referral to philanthropic institutions, will be much appreciated by our family.

With your prayers and support, we believe that Nicco will win this battle and will have a chance to live a normal life and experience the world. Help us in giving him the gift of life.

Dorcas Juliette Ramos-Caraig (mother)
Romalino Caraig (father)

Contact Details:
+639178370270 (Dorcas)
+639272510892 (Romalino)

Bank account details:
1) BDO (Taipan Place, Ortigas Branch)
Account name: Romalino Caraig
Account number: 1340138873

2) Metrobank (Emerald Ortigas Branch)
Account name: Romalino Caraig
Account number: 658-3-658-679091

Cross-Section of a Normal Heart and a Heart With Tetralogy of Fallot (taken from the NHLBI website)

A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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