Kindly Help Marinelle…………..

Marinel Guillan – A nine year old kid fighting against cancer

A couple of days ago, I was browsing my FaceBook to look around and catch up with friends and colleagues. I then noticed a post of my schoolmate in high school, April, about a kid whose diagnosed with OsteoSarcoma or bone cancer. I then checked the photo and immediately sent a private message to April to ask for details about the said post.


I then learned that the parents of the kid are April’s workmates and she told me that I can contact them through the number listed. I myself typically ignore and move forward. I also don’t normally dial in but I just grabbed my phone, called the number and we have the conversation.


I discovered that the parents’ are Neil and Tina Guillan and the patient is Marinelle (Manel). She is a 9 year old pretty girl diagnosed with bone cancer and had undergone one major operation. She also finished a few sessions of chemotherapy. I scheduled an appointment with them so that I can personally help them in any way possible.


We visited their family last June 14 and finally met Manel and her parents. We were inspired because Neil and Tina know deep inside their hearts that Manel is already healed. We spent our Saturday evening bonding with their family.


Manel and Kwing enjoying the photo
We communicate with Tina regularly after our visit. Update as of July 3, 80% of the cancer cells were eliminated and Manel is getting better and better each day. Last July 4 she was discharged after her 4th session of Chemotherapy.

Everyday I pray that Manel gets completely healed. It’s true, our prayers are very powerful.

I would like to personally reach out to your kind heart and let’s help Manel and her family in any way possible so that she can become fully healed. Kindly reach out to them through the following details

May you be inspired always!

AUG 03, 2014
” HELP MY DAUGHTER WALK AGAIN & CANCER FREE ” John 15:7 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” Our daughter Marinelle, 9 years old, was diagnosed of bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) last March 2014. She has already undergone three (3) chemotherapy cycles followed by a surgery last June 5, 2014 and five (5) more cycles of chemotherapy in the coming months. Moreover, Marinelle’s doctors are recommending permanent endoprosthesis implant for her to walk again that will cost over one million pesos. For an ordinary employee like us that receive meager income, the medical expenses become an extreme burden. The sad truth is that we have to rely solely on the help of relatives, friends and social workers for us to be able to continue fighting for our daughter’s life. In this regard, we would like to make an appeal to your good heart for a financial aid that you can extend for my daughter’s treatments and endoprosthesis implant for her to be able to walk and live like a normal kid again. Whatever amount or help that you can extend will be deeply appreciated. Our daughter is under the care of Dra. Ana Patricia Alcasabas, Oncologists and Dr. Edward Wang, Ortho Surgeon of Philippine General Hospital. (+632-5548400) Enclosed is the medical abstract and cost estimate from her doctors. Thank you very much and God bless! NEIL T. GUILLAN / MARTINA P. GUILLAN Parents Contact Number : +639276351616 / +639168968258 / +6323533933(PLDT)
Address – 1589(A) Fabie Street Paco Manila 1007 Philippines Email add –
FB Acct – (please visit my account here at FB)

A little help can make a difference – KK2014


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