A GYA Christmas for the children: Care. Share. Donate.

Hello! I would like to share with you my upcoming project together with my childhood friends. I would gladly appreciate it if you can also share this email with your friends. Thank you so much.

When we were kids, my friends and I along with the other kids in our street, would always look forward to Christmas celebration the whole day of December 24 – a day full of games and a party at night.

GYA Christmas Party 1994

Remembering how it has given us so much happiness over the years, it became our goal to make these kids feel the happiness that we’ve felt when we were their age. We’re letting them experience the spirit of Christmas and showing them how it’s done. We would solicit from government offices and from some of our friends in and even from what little amount we have on our own pockets order to raise funds, buy everything, decorate and give the children a memorable Christmas Eve. We call ourselves the GYA Peeps.

But unfortunately, in 2005, I became really sick and weak because of Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). The fully lighted compound where we live and where we hold our yearly event suddenly became a blue Christmas. I could no longer do the things I used to, since as they say I am the “promotor“ of all these. And sad part is I could no longer hear them laugh.

In 2005, preparing for our GYA Christmas. Unfortunately, it was our last

But then we realized, that we must continue reaching out to the children again, to set a good example and pass it on to the younger generation in the future. This year we are coming back and planned to add a feeding program in the morning, more fun, games, surprises and gift giving during the most awaited Children’s Christmas party.

2005. Before the Christmas party for the kids

A GYA Christmas Feast will be a whole day event full of games, foods, party, gifts and whole lot of fun. This time, we are planning to start the day by holding a feeding program in the morning and treat the kids with a hearty breakfast so that they will have energy to enjoy the day’s activity. In the evening will be a Christmas party for the kids with lots of foods, gifts for everyone and more games to play.

The GYA Peeps

In behalf of my GYA (Green Years Apartment) friends, we are seeking your kindest generosity to support us and make this event more successful and meaningful. Any means that you could extend would mean so much to be able to put that big SMILE once again.

The Queen with a Big ❤ Heart <3, Ms. Yarza aka Ms. Beautiful

Christmas in 2004. Kcat as Emcee / clown / princess

You can donate candies, new toys, cookies, cupcakes, juice in tetra packs or any foods & goodies that can be repacked (since we’re planning to make gift packs as prizes), or anything that you want to share with us.

If you wish to share & donate, feel free to contact me, Kcat Yarza,
at 09063360757 / 09235219600. You can also email me at kcatyarza@yahoo.com

I strongly believed that “It is through giving that we receive.” We may not be materially rich, but in our hearts we have a lot of HAPPINESS to share, I may not that perfectly well again, I could no longer stand on my own to lead the event again, I could not hear their loud laugh anymore, but my heart could still feel their happiness. Likewise, this is my little way of showing them that any disability is never a hindrance to share love and happiness. Because I AM AN ABLE DISABLED.

Maria Kathrina “Kcat” Yarza
Representative (GYA Peeps)

Website: http://kcatyarza.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iamkcat

A little help can make a difference – KK2012


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