Help Geuel Receive the Gift of Hearing

Help Geuel Receive the Gift of Hearing

From “The gift of hearing”

Three years after their first child, Annie Lyn and John Paul were blessed with a second son named Geuel Paul on June 23, 2012. Annie had a delicate pregnancy and delivered him at 38 weeks via Caesarean Section. Geuel stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for 10 days for mechanical ventilation and intubation because he had thick meconium staining, hemorrhage at the base of his umbilical cord, slow heart rate and no spontaneous respiration.

On his sixth month, Annie noticed that Geuel doesn’t respond whenever they would call his name. Annie sensed that something was wrong and immediately brought him to his pediatrician. In May, Geuel was diagnosed with profound hearing loss on both ears.

At first, Annie felt depressed that her youngest son can’t hear and talk while his eldest can. She prayed for Geuel, her family and herself for acceptance and strength.

Soon, she was able to get in touch with Starkey Hearing Foundation who referred her to the International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) in Bohol for a free hearing aid. After a week of usage, Geuel didn’t want to wear it anymore and would even throw it away. He was not receiving much benefit from it. A cochlear implant, which costs about P1.2 million per ear, is the only hope for him to be able to hear and speak. Annie and John both have stable jobs but even with their combined annual income, they still couldn’t afford the CI.

“We know this is a large amount of money, but we are hoping to raise the funds so that we can proceed with the surgery before he reaches the age of two,” John wrote on Geuel’s Facebook page.

Ideally, the child should have received the necessary intervention before the age of six months, to help in his or her speech and language development. For Geuel, the earlier he gets implanted, the sooner he can benefit from it.

According to his mom, Geuel is such a sweet child who loves to hug and kiss his family. While he caresses his mom, Annie often tells him, “Someday you will be able to hear me say ‘I love you’ and call us Mama, Papa and Kuya.”

“I know that these are just trials that we will overcome. I need to keep the faith because I know God will always be there, no matter what. Everything is possible with God,” said Annie.

From Geuel’s parents:

Geuel Paul is our 1yr old youngest son who is diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss. He has been fitted with high power hearing aids but usage revealed minimal benefit that is insufficient for speech and language development. His only hope to have access to all sounds and subsequently develop age-appropriate communication abilities is to undergo Cochlear Implant Surgery. However, this hearing technology is relatively expensive. Cost estimates reach up to P1.250 million pesos per implant /per ear. We know this is a substantial amount of money, but we are hoping to raise the funds so that we can proceed with the surgery preferably before he reaches the age of 2 years old.

We are aware that we need to raise a considerable amount but with the help of these generous people, we can save for our son’s hope to hear and able to speak. We are looking forward to the day Geuel Paul can say “Thank you” in speech for what we, with the help of the charitable individuals, have given to him.

We are asking for your generous hearts to pray and support our fundraising campaign “Share and Donate P100 for Geuel’s Cochlear Implant”. Your P100 will help our little child hear the world. Let us do all we can to Geuel from the bondage of silence and offer him a better quality of life.

Thank you and God Bless.

You may contact us:

Annie Lyn Caspe (mother) – 09167089832
John Paul Caspe (father) – 09175310675

You can donate through the following Banks:

BDO Savings Account (Cebu Asiatown IT Park)
Account name: Geuel Paul A. Caspe
Account number: 6990084390

BPI Savings Account (Cebu Business Park Branch)
Account name: Annie Lyn A. Caspe
Account number: 2939008724

A little help can make a difference – KK2014


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