Gary Granada won the battle against GMA (KAPUSO)

Composer thanks network over ‘admission’
February 19, 2009 11:39 PM
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Alexander Villafania

MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE) Composer Gary Granada thanked GMA Network for “publicly and officially” admitting it allowed a second composer listen to his work.

“Thank you GMA Network for publicly and officially confirming my claim, despite saying my claim is a lie. And since you threaten to sue me, I will be more than happy to see you in court,” said Granada, after reading an alleged self-incriminating story on the station’s news website.

Granada has accused GMA 7 of infringing on one of his compositions that was allegedly used for “Kapuso 3-Pid Handog Edukasyon,” although the jingle has since been removed following the dispute.

In phone interview, Granada said GMA 7 “finally admits” to the public to allowing a second composer listen to his work. The result was that the second composer, identified as Charo Unite, submitted a work allegedly similar to Granada.

Granada added that the admission gave him evidence to be used in his case against the broadcast company. “We should know by the end of next week what we’ll do.”

Granada, in a neck brace due to a disc problem, said GMA 7 was trying to pass the blame to Unite, one of his colleagues at the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

He said there was no way that Unite would have access to his original work unless GMA 7 showed it to her.

Granada said he was also welcoming a move by GMA 7 to file a case against him, pointing out that this could be a landmark case as it was being monitored by many composers who, he said, have similar experiences.

In a separate phone interview, GMA 7 Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs Dick B. Perez said the company continued to deny Granada’s accusation.

Perez also rebuked Granada’s claims that other composers and musicians had experienced copyright infringement.

“We will vigorously oppose that infringement case that he will file. We believe that the complaint has absolutely no basis,” Perez said.

Originally posted at 06:15pm


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