A Call For Help: Two Angels Knocking To Your Kind Hearts

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We thought that we can be able sustain it. We already sought the help of most of our relatives and friends, but unfortunately, they were not enough.
We always asked to ourselves, “Where in God’s hands we can find millions for the operation?” And we were shocked to know that the new members in the family were now both trying to fight for their lives.
This is my nephew, John Cyrus.

He is just 2-months old and was diagnosed to have Biliary Atresia and was recommended for a very delicate liver transplant. John Cyrus is the first grandchild of my Uncle, on my Mother’s side. His Mother is only 18 years old and still studying and his Father is not with them. How can a jobless young solo parent sustain such huge expenses? Only my Uncle works in their family and he is just an ordinary government employee. My Uncle has three other children who are still studying.
John Cyrus was recently confined at a public hospital but they have discharged him because the family needs to raise around Php2.5 million for the operation. And if the liver transplant went successful, they would be needing more funds for the monthly maintenance medicines for his liver.
When I sought the advice of another doctor, he said that the chance of a successful transplant operation is only 60%. He said, the investment is too high but it doesn’t have a great percentage of survival guarantee. This is too depressing. But we are still holding on to that 60%.

Currently, John Cyrus is being medicated at home. They are maintenance medicines which could somehow prolong the life of his liver and prevent further damage.
But how long will he wait until enough money was raised for his operation? We do not know. We just pray hard that he survived and stay with us longer.

This is my other nephew, Kaniel Makeen.

Kaniel is just more than a month-old and currently confined in a public hospital. He is the long-waited and the first child of my younger brother. Initially, he was diagnosed to have Cholestasis Secondary to Neonatal Hepatitis Secondary to Sepsis. He must undergo further laboratory examinations and biopsy to know if he too, needs liver transplant. But the family were already troubled on heavy expenses. Just last month, four days after he was born, baby Kaniel was also hospitalized due to neonatal sepsis.
Both of Kaniel’s parents are working but with only minimum salaries, which were not enough to sustain all the expenses. They are also trying to catch up with a bulk of debts after my brother met an accident and almost died in August this year.
We will not give up the fight. These two baby boy need to keep alive. They are our future hopes.
I, and the families of both baby are appealing to your kind hearts. Any amount of help will be sincerely appreciated. We are hoping to return your kindness in our little way in the future. God Bless You!

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A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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