Philippine Flood Hazard Maps


Philippine Flood Hazard Maps (Fan Page)

Company Overview
A voluntary project by the Volcano-Tectonics Laboratory Team based in the National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines Diliman.

Volunteers list:

Dr. Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay (UP NIGS)
Raymond Rodolfo (VTEC lab, UP NIGS)
Hillel Cabria (VTEC lab, UP NIGS)
Dr. Bayani Cardenas (University of Texas, Austin)
Grace Bato (VTEC lab UP/Blaise Pascal Univ.)
Glacialle Tiu (VTEC lab UP/Blaise Pascal Univ.)
Peter Zamora (University of Texas, Austin)
Rich Ybanez (VTEC lab, UP NIGS)
Miko Herrero (VTEC lab, UP NIGS)
Dr. Susan Pancho-Festin (UP Computer Science)
Dr. Cedric Festin (UP Computer Science Department)
Heiko Schick (IBM international)
Amit Puri (IBM international)
Jeff Van Minde (IBM international)
Wim Feyants (IBM interantional)
Ellen T. Reyes (Councilor, San Pablo Laguna)
Elie Lagmay (UP Computer Science Department)
Alvin Austria (UP Computer Science Department)
Kimberly Ilao (UP NIGS)
Corinne Mae Estrella (UP NIGS)
Claris Canta (UP NIGS)
Erika Valdueza (UP NIGS)
Guiller Quina
Bryan Mapalang
Richard Ruiz Jr.


Disasters are not brought about by extreme events but by failure in proper developmental planning and preparedness. We seek to use advanced science and technology to create flood hazard maps, disseminate the information in innovative fashion and get every citizen aware of hazards in their community.

Interactive flood maps (

Flood simulations (

Report a flood (



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