Shawn need a heart surgery…………

by Kathrina Yarza


This is Shawn Guisdan, Tracy’s six year old son. Don Lucaben (A school mate of Tracy) went to their house yesterday. A few minutes walk up Dominican hill and found him playing with his cousins. A shy but jolly kid. He goes to preschool just like them.. Every single day, he trudges uphill on the way to school. Almost everyone knows him because everyday as he climbs his way up, he rests beside the path. Don says,”Nabanug ak nga sinmang-at ijay balay da, kasatnu pay ngata isuna?” (napapagod ako umakyat sa bahay nila, paano pa kaya siya). He tires easily because of his heart. According to his mother,he only tried to walk at the age of 5. And everyday he is weakened, if not by the help of his medication. Doctors found out that he was born with a severed artery and as he grows, a malignant mass started to grow in another. He needs a heart surgery to fix this. Last January 31st, Tracy and his wife had a meeting with the doctors in Manila. They would know the estimated amount needed to have the surgery. DSWD offered to pay 25% of whatever the amount would be. But still, the remaining 75% is too much for a family that barely gets by, could afford.


I know that with our help we could give Shawn the chance to run, play hide and seek, tatsing, sipa or maybe even baseball just like any other child. This is Shawn Guisdan, Tracys’ six year old son. Please contact Tracy Guisdan at this number for any help you can give. Thank you very much! Please help us with our prayers also. Because that is the most important that Shawn needs right now.


Contact Number

09079413562, 09984443639

Look for Tracy (shawn father)

shawn - bulletin


A little help can make a difference – KK2014


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