Lailane need help……..

Wheels For A Cause To Bridge A Life
By Joel R. Tangunan

I am very well adjusted with my own discomforts for so long now as a
physically handicap, because it is my life. I never complained or even
asked my Creator about it, coz I know I am here to find the answer. I
know that my seemingly lifeless life as handicap is already a life to
live on its own, but now I feel somehow very helpless not because of
my physical disability, but just knowing that my sibling Lailane
Tangunan Bonilla is suffering spiritually, physically, emotionally,
mentally and financially because of her condition. I’ve been into
something like connecting the sick people to those people who are can
be of help in any way through old I blog I used to do and spreading,
reposting the blog of my friend’s blog of cancer patients just to find
help, but I never thought and imagine that one day in my life that I
would write a story about my dear eldest sister who is now sick of
leukemia and pushing my wheels hurriedly to bridge her life in my own
little way.

We live in a kind of a slum area in Tondo, Manila. In my recollection
of her younger days as my sister, I heard that she was adopted and
raised by a family friend and I don’t know the real story behind it,
if it was true or not. All I knew when I was growing up, she was
active, cheerful and friendly. I just have bits of pieces and glimpses
of those positive characteristics of her during those times because of
my very young age, as the youngest in the family, but I am very sure
of those nicest things about my sister not because she’s my sister,
but that’s how she really is. She has a lot of friends who love her.
At the age of 13 or 14 years old, I was sent in an institution with an
intention for my betterment as handicap. Since then, I never had a
chance to know my sister deeper. All I remember that she graduated her
college even if our parents are not financially equipped and she had
an opportunity to work in La Tondeña, where she met the man who became
her husband. They were blessed with three wonderful kids. When that
company retrenched their people and eventually closed the factory near
in our area, my sister didn’t find any job anymore and she became a
full time mother, a beloved full time wife and a full time
housemaid-of-honor. Her husband became a public school security guard
and as expected, his salary is not enough to raise their children. My
sister started to be a pawn broker, an agent or a dealer of any
things, just to be able to help sustain a daily need of her family,
especially her children’s fare, pack lunch and snack or provisions.
She only gets 50 pesos and sometimes more for every transaction she
deals, but most of the times she borrows money and she accepts
laundries for extra incomes. It was the time her face was starting to
be drawn and haggard from sleeplessness errands and chores she does
everyday of her life and not appreciated.

I heard all these things she does first as a story from my family,
relatives and friends, and after a very long time of not being with my
biological family, I had a chance to witness every detail of the story
from a far and from a silent pitiful observation of mine in my one
year and a half of staying in Tondo with my wife. I don’t know first
what to say, but all I asked to myself was; “is she martyr woman or
just a loving person to her family?” There was no answer to that
question of mine and I just accepted it in my mind that it is just a
stressful way of life as a married woman like my sister. I am proud of
my sister not because she is my sister, but because she does
everything for her family to the point that she forgotten to take care
of herself, as selfless as she can be. Now that she is suffering from
leukemia, every one in her family and ours are all finding spiritual,
medical and all the help we can get for her recovery from that under
the weather of her and our life. Now, I pray to the Lord not to
comfort my sorrow of her situation, but to comfort the people I love
very much who now sick. I pray to the Lord not to help me in my
helplessness, but to help my sister attain the fathomableness and
enlightenment to help restrained her condition, yet I pray to the Lord
to help me find people to help me push the wheels of my wheelchair
with me for a cause to bridge my sister Lailane’s life and be able to
cross the over troubled water.

for your help
Kindly contact Joel Tangunan
message him on facebook
or Jane Navoa

Maraming Salamat Po!

A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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