Boy with damaged liver needs to be operated on soon – lets help

From Dennis and Maritess Salazar:
“This is it!!! The acceptance we’ve all been waiting!!! All I need to work up now is the PCSO and First Hand assistance. Let’s Pray we can make it all this Nov. Thank you thank you so much for all the supports and Prayers, we may not have gone thru all this because of you. You were all God’s sent soul to us!!!

…TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! So thankful to God that you all came to our life..I’ll forever be thankful and indebted to you all for being a part in saving the life of Mark!!!


Mark Salazar Fan Page

Disyembre 14, 2011
By: Let’s help baby Mark get his liver transplant

Your prayers please for Baby MARK’s soonest recovery. He is now confined at the UST hospital due to Fever & Asthma. 😦

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Mark Angelo Salazar, who will turn two years old next month, has been diagnosed to be suffering from biliary cirrhosis, a disease characterized by progressive inflammation and the destruction of small bile ducts within the liver, eventually leading to organ failure.
His father, Dennis, has been raising funds for the liver transplant doctors have recommended for his son. The cost for the operation has been pegged at P4 million.

According to Dennis, his son’s liver has sustained a lot of damage and he needs to undergo an operation very soon.

“As a parent, I cannot stand seeing my son in this situation. That is why, I see no harm in trying to sell T-shirts online on Facebook at P300 each or distributing coin banks in selected drugstores in Metro Manila to raise money,” he said.

So far, the family has earned P15,000 from the T-shirt sales although admittedly, they still have a long way to go toward reaching their goal.

Dennis’ contact number is 0908-3664383. His wife, Maritess, can be reached at 0921-2955657 while his sister Dona Marie Salazar can be contacted at 0919-8487947.
For those in other countries who want to donate money to the family, Mark Angelo’s Banco de Oro account is 0300886918 with swift code BNORPHMM. They can also deposit their donations in Dona Marie’s Bank of the Philippine Islands account (account number 0019195856).

A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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