Cancer Awareness by Stef dela Cruz

Stef dela Cruz ask me a small favor to post this……. 🙂

We need not be superheroes to make a difference. As bloggers, we have one weapon that we can wield: our capacity to spread the word. It is through the humble posts found in our blogs that we can help promote awareness and increase public knowledge.

I would then like to invite all bloggers to participate in “Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness”. Through this event, we can help increase cancer awareness. In addition, for every 10 blogs that join this affair, I will donate one Prosure formula to CanShare, a support group for cancer warriors and survivors. To join, follow the mechanics below:

Write a blog post of 300 words on cancer. The goal is to increase cancer awareness, so writing useful information on cancer detection and prevention are ideal.
Link to this URL: and inform your readers about Charity Blogging for Cancer Awareness.
Mention in your blog post that a whole-day event for cancer patients and survivors is to be held this December. The event will include contests, freebies, inspirational talks, and performances. Donations are accepted and may be forwarded via PayPal to doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com.
Using the comment form below, post the URL of your blog entry.
For every ten blog entries, CanShare receives one Prosure package. (Prosure is a nutrition formula that helps manage weight loss due to cancer.)
Deadline of entries: September 30, 2011, 5 p.m. (Extended to October 30, 2011, 5 p.m.)
Unlike other blogging events, you don’t get to win freebies and cash prizes for this one. But you get to use your power as a blogger to help spread the word about cancer. Let’s fight the battle against cancer – God knows our brave cancer warriors and health professionals need all the help they can get.

If you’re not a blogger, help spread the word by tweeting or posting on your Facebook wall about this blogging event!

To donate to this cause, you may forward your donations via PayPal to doc_alma_jones (at) yahoo (dot) com. Proceeds will be used for a whole-day event for cancer patients, which I am planning to organize for December. (If the event doesn’t push through, I’ll donate the money to CanShare.)

Kindly visit her blog post about Blogging For Cancer Awareness

A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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