I hope, wish & pray by Kcat Yarza

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After the non-stop surgeries, therapies and medications, my battle with NF2 continues and I won’t stop raising money to sustain my medical needs.

This October, I need to have my regular cranial CT scan to monitor my tumors. And also, I’ll be having my MRI of the spine to check if there are tumors on my spinal column that’s causing my immobility.

Both tests would cost us more or less P35,000. (The MRI of the spine costs P24K) We are not really short of money since I still have my savings, but still we can’t let that savings be drained because we’ll never know when I’ll be needing it. Besides, that is where we get the money for my maintenance medicines like anti-seizure, antibiotic for my eyes, etc.

I also hope and wish and pray that the minor surgery that I badly wanted would finally push through in order to remove the tumor/schwanomma/bukol on my right foot. It’s just a small mass, but it is really SMALL BUT TERRIBLE! Because the pain is so terrible every time it bump on to something or when I accidentally stomp my foot a bit hard. Super ouch!!! (times 10! Haha) And I don’t want it to grow bigger anymore. Before, it’s the same size as a monggo seed and it already was hurting. Now it’s the same size as a green peas or ponkan seed (hear goes my food analogy again.. haha) and it hurts even more. :-/ I also hope that my mom could already find and hire a househelp since it’s just the 2 of us here in the house most of the time since my siblings goes to shool and my dad is at work. My mom is also sick and she still takes care of me. Although I can manage to do some things on my own, she still has to do the household chores. What more if I’ll have that foot surgery? It would cost another 20-30 thousand, but not now.

And I also want my mom to get better so I always tell her that she could get some money in my savings for her medications. Though most of the time, tinitipid niya pa rin ang sarili niya since her medicines are sooooo expensive. So she’s still frugal on her self even though she really needs it because she’s afraid she might use a lot from my medical funds.

There’s so many things that I wish, hope & pray for and I know that with my faith and your help, it is definitely possible! …one at a time. For now, CT Scan and MRI for me.

So I am again asking for your continues support in my fund drive.

P25 each
smile always
everything has a reason
life must go on
live for the moment
every negative thing has a positive
masarap mabuhay tikman mo
LOVE hears
FAITH hears
think happy everyday
HOPE hears

Please contact me at
09063360757 / 09235219600

or my mom (Madge Yarza) at

A little help can make a difference – KK2011


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