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Our team’s core mission is post natal recovery and close the pending balance at the Good Samaritan Hospital through PCSO and donors so that the infant’s mother can move forward and start providing a good future for her kids.

Baby Liam was born prematurely with severe complications namely: chronic lung disease of infancy secondary to severe pneumonia with consolidation sepsis. He underwent intensive medication and treatment at the Good Samaritan Health System Inc. Cabanatuan City. As a consequence of his medical condition and the procedures required to keep him alive, substantial medical and doctors’ fees were incurred for the duration of the stay from 29 May – 19 August 2011. Initially, the grandparents put-up almost eighty-thousand pesos but this was soon depleted by the spiraling costs to sustain the life of Baby Liam. Grandmother is an OFW based in Hong Kong who borrowed extensively to save the life of her grandchild. That being the case, mother and child found it improbable to defray the costs needed for Baby Liam to be released from the Hospital.

Thru the intercession of the Facebook Group Definitely Filipino, the PCSO, the Provincial Capitol, Tri-Media and Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Nueva Ecija Baby Liam was released without conditions except that the pending amount be paid on or before 19 August 2013.

In the late afternoon of 19 August 2011, Baby Liam spent his 1st weekend at his grandparents home. And as previously agreed and coordinated with the kind assistance of PCSO’s Director Mabel Mamba and Dr. Larry Cedro, they were scheduled for interview and submission of documents for fund assistance on 22 August 2011, 8:00 a.m. They appeared at the PCSO’s Kalayaan Office and dutifully complied with and submitted the required documents for the fund assistance.

However due to the nature of his birth and the complications that attended it, Baby Liam needed to be further checked by pedia-specialists particularly in the field of pulmonology, ophthalmology, neurology and others. He needs to undergo several X-rays, EENT, EEG and BAER tests to ensure that he will be a lively and vibrant boy. His lungs, eyes, ears and brain are focal points of the tests and treatment. Thru again the kindness of the PCSO particularly its Fund Allocation Fund Manager Ruben Magno Baby Liam and mother were referred to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Baby Liam was first attended to by Dr. Cristan Cabanilla Pedia-Pulmo Specialist and immediately ordered to undergo X-ray Tests. Results immediately showed that the right lung needs further recovery.

Any amount of help is most needed and will be greatly appreciated, please send directly to the family through the following options:

By direct money transfer (e.g., Western Union • LBC • Cebuana • GCash) –

Recipient details:
Address: 148, 3rd Ave., Bernardo Dist., Cabanatuan City
Contact No.: +63906 344 9801

For GCash : AMOUNT and send to 2882 906 344 9801

By bank deposit, through any branch of BDO bank –
BDO ACCOUNT of Liam’s mother:
Savings Acct. No.: 005720137379

Please send notice to We respect your wishes and very appreciative of your generosity. God Bless

A little help can make a difference – KK2011



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