Angelo Viado passed away……………

My good friend kcat yarza told me that Baby Jon Angelo Viado passed away. Sad. 😦


A repost……………

Let us support Baby Jon Angelo…. let’s dine with a ♥ heart..:-)

Sabado, Nobyembre 27 · 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Max’s Restaurant Sct. Tuazon

Breathe Hope: Help Jon Angelo Viado Breathe

Jon Angelo Viado is a 2 year old boy who’s suffering from a disease called Hypoxic Ischemic Encepalopathy (HIE). He’s on a mechanical ventilator 24/7.

I came to know about Jon through Carlo, the co-founder of our humble Breathe Initiative project. Carlo helped conceptualize and create the Breathe Hope bracelets now being sold in order to help raise funds for Jon’s medical needs, specifically his own mechanical ventilator.

Visit Jon’s blog to find out more about Breathe Hope. Please go out and buy a bracelet or two. If you’re not into bracelets just go ahead and donate some money. I’m sure Jon will appreciate any help you can extend. All the details

Baby Jon Angelo Blog Site

BUY NOW!!! Buy a “Breathe Hope” bracelet

Mobile Phone +939179887221

Other Phone 3583305


A little help can make a difference………..


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