A little help for Anya Orobia…. How? Find out!

Kindly help baby Anya Orobia…how?

Please help me get more breastmilk (w/c lessens chances of recurring seizures) by helping us win a free breastpump!1) like @babymama in FB 2) go to her photos page “contest#4” 3) “like” the photo of Chito&Anya entry of Krissy Racho-Orobia w/c is 2nd to the last photo. Thank you!

baby mama page

Anya Orobia Entry (Babymama Contest #4)

Breastmilk for my children!

My best friend and hubby @chito orobia is my numero uno breastfeeding supporter and my special child @anya orobia is my inspiration! Chito encourages me everyday to be the best mom to our children. Anya had my breastmilk for 1 year and continues to take breastmilk donations from generous moms. Her condition requires her to take human breastmilk only since formula and other milks aggravate her seizures.

Now that we are preparing for our second child coming out this December, Chito has be researching on practical ways to increase breastmilk supply. We plan to give breastmilk to both our children. He buys me malunggay pills, massages my legs and back, prepares me a warm bath, and places a glass of water beside my bed before we sleep every night. Best of all, he keeps telling me how well our daughter is growing and developing because of my breastmilk. He picks up Anya and shows me! “Look at how well she can hold her head up now, and how she can sit with minimum support. I really think it’s the breastmilk helping her.”

Thank you Chito! I love you and I will breastfeed all our children. Hopefully, I can donate breastmilk. I want to help others too!

Babymama Contest #4: Win an Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump!

Who is your numero uno breastfeeding supporter? Please cite a situation or example where this support was crucial to you and your baby.

Simply post your entry on the wall. You can upload a pic or video to accompany your entry. No duplicate postings or entries please.

Entries until Nov 27. Last day to vote is Dec 4. Good luck!!!


Anya Orobia is in need of breast milk donations..

original link

Anya’s facebook

Hi everyone!

Anya needs more breastmilk. Below is an email we sent several weeks ago and we got some breastmilk donations then. Thank you to all who shared breastmilk! Anya cannot take formula and animal milk… So breastmilk keeps her going!

I boldy ask for human breastmilk donations for my daughter Anya. If you know anyone who has some to spare, we are willing to do pick-up of the frozen breastmilk and I will just give them breastmilk storage bags in exchange.

Anya is 1 year old and has been on breastmilk except for her 6th month when I supplemented with formula. The formula aggravated her seizures and two child neurologist, one pedia-nutritionist, biomed advised not to go with formula. Her seizure control improved when we went back to breastmilk full time (along with other remedies and therapy that we did and still do). We have also put Anya on a GF/CF/SY (gluten-free/ casein-free/ soy-free) diet. So fresh cows milk, goats milk, soy milk and other milks are to be avoided. While there is no scientific evidence that these milks will make her conditions worse, we would rather not risk it. We decided that it’s better she is underweight and steadily growing and gaining weight slowly, rather than be the correct weight for her age but have multiple seizures per day.

My milk supply has been very low and practically gone. My body can’t seem to handle it now that I am already 3 (now 4) months pregnant with our second baby. I know my body will prioritize giving the needed nutrients to my baby inside, then next would be the breastmilk for Anya, then last would be nutrients needed by my own body. My ob-gyne and nutritionist/ob-gyne confirmed this with me.

While several moms are able to breastfeed their child until they are 8 months pregnant and eventually do tandem breastfeeding, I don’t think my body will allow that. When I do have breastmilk again after giving birth to our second baby, I will be giving breastmilk to Anya – with the youngest baby always the priority. She will be receiving colostrum which would do her a lot of wonders.

So Anya just needs a supply of human breastmilk from now until January 2011. She won’t be needing as much as a 3 month old baby since she is already eating solids and already 1 year old. But nevertheless, human breastmilk will help her a lot. I should be able to coordinate with moms since I can’t get all the breastmilk stored in our tiny freezer all at once.

Please forward this to breastfeeding moms if you know of any. I won’t have much to offer them but my gratitude, constant prayers and… breastmilk storage bags. We live in Paranaque so it would be great if the moms live nearby, although we are willing to travel further to get breastmilk for Anya. Her weekly therapy is in Greenhills so we can also collect breastmilk there, my sister-in-law lives in Pasig and we see each other once a week so we can also get breastmilk in that area. And Anya’s dad works in Makati so we can also pick-up there. Just a lot of coordination is needed since we all know breastmilk has to stay frozen until it is ready for consumption otherwise it goes to waste.

Again, thank you for your support! Anya is doing better now. We went to a children’s party that was so noisy and we got a lot of good reaction from her even without hearing aids. We really believe she will normalize one day.


Anya is knocking on our heart again

We need only 6k Mabuhay Miles for therapy in Singapore!

Mabuhay Miles sent an email for a special promo that they have. Only 6k miles for a round trip ticket to Singapore instead of 20k miles! So if you have 6k miles to spare, please do let us know! Anya has another scheduled trip for therapy in Singapore!

The first trip we made, a good number of friends wanted to donate miles. But the transfer fee was too much that after computing it, it would come out more expensive than buying a ticket. Instead, we got generous friends who had lots of miles and gave us 20k miles by purchasing the tickets under our names. Updates of the trip and Anya’s therapy in the previous blog.

In order to avail of the promo, we have to book our tickets between August 2-4. We emailed Singapore if we could have our next schedule and we have one this October which falls within the promo flight period.

So knock knock again dear friends! We need donations of 6k miles for each ticket!

share lang ng share


A little help can make a difference……

From Kcat Yarza

I stumbled upon baby Anya’s site.. She is 7 months old Lissencephaly type 1; a rare brain disease wherein my brain is very smooth compared to the regular brain with lots of hills and valleys.. Some parts of her brain are missing, she have hydrocephalus, she has poor vision & profound hearing loss on both her ears..

But we can make her feel our love by extending our hand to her and putting our hands in prayer position..

There is an upcoming event for Anya.. Let’s support & spread the word..

Come and listen to Chopin’s Music! And help ANYA hear!

World known virtuoso pianist Cecile Licad flies to Manila to perform Chopin’s classical masterpieces with the Manila Symphony Orchestra on March 29, 2010 Monday 8pm in the Philam Life Auditorium

Ticket prices are:
PhP3,000.00 orchestra center
PhP2,000.00 orchestra side
PhP1,000.00 balcony

Part of the ticket sales will be donated to Anya Racho-Orobia, a 9 month old baby with profound hearing loss and mental retardation. Funds will be for Anya to improve her hearing so she can listen to the beautiful world of music!

For tickets, please contact:
Krissy Racho-Orobia at 0917-8299808 or 2167748

Anya has been diagnosed with profound hearing loss. The sound of an airplane engine is deafening to our ears, but comes as a whisper to Anya. She is a candidate for cochlear implants which cost around PhP1,000,000.00 per ear. By statistics, the sooner a child has cochlear implants, the better the outcome will be. Early intervention is always the best. She can also already enroll in Auditory-Verbal Therapy which will help her develop her speech.

Part of the ticket sales of the concert will be donated to help Anya hear and eventually help her speak. Anya will be 9 months and half by the date of the concert.

I don’t know Anya or any of her family & friends.. But I know God made me go to her site so that I could post it on my blogs so that we could support Anya in whatever way we CAN. Our prayers will move Anya’s mountain..

visit her site at http://anyasmiracle.multiply.com/

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.. Let’s help Anya 😉


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