A little help for Cheska……………..

According to my good friend Ms. Kcat Yarza that Cheska Alterman passed away…………..:-(

We can still help…help cheska’s family in our own little way…

contact Barbara Alterman at 0917-4466354

Salamat sa lahat ng tumugon……


I got this from Madge & Kcat yarza …..

According to Kcat Yarza

Pls be w/us in prayers for my friend Cheska Alterman, 13 yrs old, who is also inflicted w/ Neurofibromatosis, has a malignant tumor growth in her legs has caused many complications. she is in severe pain now and only morphine could ease it. Doctors says she’s not gonna make it, cancer cells has spread in her body. But Prayers move mountains.. His will be done..
Let us help Cheska”

A little help can make a difference………………

original link

Cheska’s facebook

Cheska is a 13 year old girl who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 in 2009. Recently, a large (twice the size of the heart) malignant tumor was found on one of her legs and is suffering from a lot of complications. She is in the hospital and is fighting for her life right now, her doctors said she might not be able to recover but PRAYERS MOVE MOUNTAINS, miracles do happen.

Her mom, Barbara, is a single parent who takes care of everything for Cheska and her younger son. At present, Barbara is jobless to personally attend to her daughter. Financially, they are not capable of sustaining all Cheska’s medication. We would like to appeal for your generosity to exten a little help for Cheska. Any form of help would save A LIFE full of HOPE.

We can help Cheska by buying these button pins.. They are selling it for 35 pesos each.. Your help will really mean a lot!

Please contact Barbara Alterman at 0917-4466354.


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