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I received a message from Khessa Balabag- here it is:


Many of us often complain about minor
difficulties in life. A little criticism makes us angry. A little
discomfort thrusts down our spirits. A little problem depresses us. I
am oftentimes guilty of these but when I ponder upon the struggle of a
little boy named Coycoy, I still feel very lucky.

Coycoy is 7
years old. He is the son of one of Kuya Gil Mapa – one of the guys at
our office who do electrical pieceworks. Coycoy is the only boy in the
three siblings. It has been a year since he was diagnosed of leukemia
or cancer of the blood. Since then, Kuya Gil and his wife, Maribel,
have been in and out of the Davao Medical Center in Davao City,
transferring every now and then from the Oncology Department to the
House of Hope which shelters cancer kid patients.

Coycoy has
been undergoing chemotherapy sessions. His fragile body is slowly
becoming weak. Kuya Gil and his wife have been doing their best to save
Coycoy, exhausting all their resources to pay for his medication and
their daily sustenance in the hospital. Kuya Gil is in Digos City,
Davao del Sur, from Mondays thru Saturdays to be able to work and earn
whatever little he can just for his family. His wife is the one with
Coycoy in the hospital to give him the love and support of a mother.
Coycoy’s sister also stopped school to assist her mother in taking care
of him.

The family has already sought help from friends,
co-workers, and government agencies but these are still not enough to
make both ends meet. As I’d observe, every time Kuya Gil is faced with
difficulty, especially in their finances, he starts to lose hope. It is
Coycoy who gives him strength because of the child’s strong will to
survive and to better his health. One time, Coycoy told his father that
he wants to have a normal life like any other kids and to live until he
grows older. He also said that he wants to be somebody someday so he
can help his family. Coycoy’s enthusiasm to live is what makes his
father firm in believing that one day Coycoy will be free from his

Last September 30, 2009, Coycoy was brought to the
ICU because of the need to closely monitor him as the infection already
reached his lungs which caused him to have chills and a persistent
fever. We thought it was the end of our fight because Kuya Gil was
already thanking people who helped in his text message. He related how
Coycoy was having a hard time breathing and that he might not survive.
But prayer power cannot indeed be underestimated because even if I did
not text back for not knowing what to say, after worrying and praying
for Coycoy for all those times that I kept mum about him, on October 9,
Kuya Gil told me the good news that Coycoy is already safe and okay.
Coycoy is now back in the comforts of their home and was even able to
make a thank you video message for everyone.

Their family’s
struggle becomes an inspiration to me and a group of friends from work
who help pool in resources for Coycoy. Coycoy is our constant reminder
to appreciate life and to trust in God’s plans. We believe that one of
the reasons why all these happened to the family of Coycoy is for us to
reflect on his plight, to become a blessing to those who are in need,
especially like the family of Coycoy. As of this date, we have gathered
approximately PhP 94,263.94. The Davao del Sur Electric Cooperative,
Inc. (DASURECO) employees’ contribution through cash and leave credit
conversions comprised the major bulk of help extended. I also have a
few friends from college (the University of the Philippines in
Mindanao) also helping, like Macky Pamintuan and his wife who donated a
huge amount, and also Rochie Rodis-Jocson who included Coycoy’s story
in her Leukemia and Lymphoma Society San Diego/Hawaii Chapter
Fundraising campaign.

We are continually seeking help for
Coycoy’s continuous medication. We are reaching to your kindest heart
and hoping that you would help. Coycoy’s battle for cancer is our
battle too. We cannot lose hope nor just give in to a threat on the
life of a little child who is determined to live. For those who wish to
share a few of their blessings, I’m including below Kuya Gil’s bank
account and cellphone numbers. You may also message me through facebook
for any queries.

Account Name: Gil P. Mapa
Bank Name: One Network Bank – Digos City Branch (a local bank)
Account No. 580-25-651

Gil Mapa’s cellphone no. +63909-866-1744 +63909-866-1744

important is our need for your prayers. We sincerely thank everyone who
listened to Coycoy’s story. The outpouring of help from you makes
Coycoy and his family hold on tight to that glint of hope that Coycoy
will someday be healed. May God bless us all!

Link to Coycoy’s video message:


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