Letter from Iggy’s mom…

I received this message from my FACEBOOK account………..

Vivien Picart Villanueva Oktubre 28 nang 11:17 AM Reply
28 october 2009

Dearest family and friends…

There comes a time that we just know and believe that its time to LET GO and LET GOD, no matter how painful it may be… Iggy’s moving to a new home makes us both happy and sad at the same time…sad as we will not be able to physically see him graduate from college, have a family, have little iggy’s run around, watch him make 3 point shots, hug him, kiss him and do all the other things and share events as a family should. HAPPY because we know that he is finally HOME where there is no more pain, suffering, uncertainties, worries and that he is in heaven where there is everlasting peace and happiness

Let us remember Iggy as number 9, it was his basketball jersey number…he was born in the year 1989…the letter I for IAN is the 9th letter in the alphabet… he died at 9:19 AM in the year 2009…he was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 19 years old…he survived for 9 months…9 months of preparation for eternal life…We know our beloved Iggy is happy and at peace…

We would like to THANK YOU ALL for being part of Iggy’s cycle of life…short as it may be 20 years was full of meaning, it HAD a PURPOSE. We know that one way or another Iggy was meant to be shared with all of you. Iggy was not only our son, but yours…he was not only Bea, Matt and Nico’s big brother, but yours…he was not only a grandson to his grandparents, but yours…he was not only a nephew to our brothers, sisters, cousins, but yours…he was not only a cousin to relatives, but yours…he was not only a friend to a few, but to a whole lot more…
Iggy’s life was a miracle…let us all believe in miracles…Iggy taught all of us the true meaning of life… unconditional love, compassion, humility, generosity, perseverance, unity, power of prayer, empathy, courage, acceptance, caring for others, selflessness, being the best and unwavering faith in GOD.

This page is too small to print out all of the family, relatives, best friends, USLS-IS batch 2007, La Salle Manila community, Baguio community, regional community, international community, friends, acquaintances (who eventually became friends), government officials, government and non-government agencies, doctors, nurses, medical staff and the media who inspired IGGY to keep fighting up to the very end…again THANK YOU for the prayers, encouragement, moral support, financial support, medical support, presence, friendship, comforting words, gifts, but most importantly the unconditional love you have given our dear Iggy and our family. We may not be able to repay you in this lifetime, but GOD knows…

May we also take this opportunity to ask you to continue to support IGGY’s FUND: iCANCERvive. We have decided together with USLS-IS Batch 2007 to make this as Iggy’s legacy. It aims to help other cancer patients, as we know it was his wish as well.


Jude, Beng, Bea, Matt & Nico Picart-Villanueva

farewell Iggy………..update i got this from my mail…Iggy’s Gone….

but his family is appealing to us for a little help again

from: Lynn Goldfinger Oktubre 18 nang 10:23 PM Sumagot sa kanyang mensahe

Following up on Cynthia’s email about collecting a last round of donation for the Villanuevas – for those of you based in the US and willing to donate $10 but may find it cumbersome to do a Paypal or bank transfer- I can collect your checks (making sure to account for and publish everything I receive) and send a one time payment via Paypal.
Send me a note and I will respond with my contact information.
Lynn Goldfinger (Liweng)

From Cynthia Dayco:

I just came from the hospital. Iggy’s parents are putting up a brave and cheerful front, and the twins are dealing with Iggy’s passing in their own fashion.

As you know, the money that we raised has already been spent (a huge chunk went to bone marrow that will no longer be of use to anyone). I learned that the Villanuevas still owe the hospital PhP1.5 million (US$32,147). That excludes professional fees for the doctors.

I’d like to ask everyone of the 3,000-plus Iggy’s Friends to rally one more time. Let’s pass the hat and chip in Php500 (US$10/AU$11.68) each. If we all chip in, we will raise enough to cover the hospital bills.

You can send by any of three ways:

PayPal – pay to vivien_villanueva@yahoo.com
Bank deposit –

S/A # 0670 355 593
BANCO DE ORO SM NORTHN EDSA B (note B as there are branches A & C too)

Or if you plan to attend the wake (details are still undetermined), give it Jude or Beng yourselves.

It’s just P500. That’s one week of Starbucks coffee. Or one Frday night’s bar tab. Or two sessions of mani/pedi. It isn’t much, but if we ALL give, it we can help Iggy’s family piece their lives back together.


update for iggy’s condition….

“Iggy’s Friends” sent you a message on Facebook…
From: “Facebook”
Sunday, August 2, 2009 11:55 AM

Cynthia Dayco sent a message to the members of Iggy’s Friends.

Subject: Not so good news, we’re afraid

Iggy makes an unexpected turn for the worse,: lung, kidney and gastro intestinal problems among others.

Doctors and Beng are still mulling the use of this drug that will cost PHP2.4 million, which will wipe out the balance of our funds. We’ll have to renew our vigor in raising funds for Iggy’s medical care and transplant.

If you believe in God and in prayer, now’s the time to ask Him for a big, big favor.


I got this from Cynthia Dayco asking for a little help…



From Beng: HELP! We need B+ blood donors who are willing to go an EXTRA mile for Iggy. Now he needs WBC pure concentrate. There is extra medical preparation needed, plus 12 hours or more of your personal time. If willing please, please text or call me 09176201969. Need LOTS of donors. please….

a little help can make a difference…..

see related post and story of iggy


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