Aid for Aya’s open heart surgery

I got this from my email…

Aid for Aya’s open heart surgery…..share your heart to Aya


Julieta P. Ligue posted an announcement to the cause Aid for Aya’s open heart surgery.

If everyone could please donate $2 USD to Baby Aya, she can get the heart surgery she so desperately needs.

Aya and I are both in the hospital right now. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

You can send the money via Paypal to

Thank you!
Julieta (Aya’s Mom)

a little help can make a difference….


The daughter of our former 3rd year Geometry teacher, Ma’am Julieta <img is sick and needs open heart surgery costing P350,000. Ma'am Julieta has appealed for financial aid (please read my note). She is the sole breadwinner of the family and won't be able to raise the sizeable amount on her own. Thus, let us help her in any way we can, big or small. Every peso counts.

Together, we can make a significant contribution.

Here's the details of my paypal account:

Development Bank in the Philippines
Paypal Account number: 0820307035500

Thanks for being a part of this campaign.


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