A Store for Anja


A Store for Anja

Hey. Yet another online store at multiply. Only difference is that I opened this site to help support my lovely daughter who is also deaf. You see, Mai loves Anja and wants what’s best for her. As a single parent who has to be a full time mom, everything I get here will help me out a lot in providing for Anja. To learn more about Anja, click here

On to business…


I strongly believe that we are a smart race. Therefore, you know what you should or should not do when browsing/shopping online. If you have any other concerns, they may be answered

If I missed anything, because this is my first real attempt at selling, then I am sure you have other questions/comments/suggestions, violent reactions, all of which are most welcome, so please send me a message:

cellphone #s: (Globe) 09153016562; (Sun) 09237122652
yahoo messenger ID: mai_syquim9
email address: store4anja@yahoo.com
PMs and comments here will also work

Anyway.. please, please, please.. everybody dislikes frauds. Even frauds do not like frauds. You know what I mean.

Hope you like your stay here!



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